Philly Cheesesteak Mac n’ Cheese

Our Mac+Cheese

Mac and Cheese with sautéed onions, thinly sliced roast beef and a buttered hoagie roll. (note this is not a sandwich, the hoagie roll will be served standing up on the main item as a funky garnish of sorts to connect it to its Philly roots).


150g elbow macaroni
70g special cheese blend
15g condensed evaporate milk
30g sautéed onions
30g julienned red peppers
100g roast prime rib (thinly shaved and cut into pieces)
30g Grano Padano cheese
1/2 a slice of brioche hoagie roll
1 tbsp butter
Served in a skillet


About Reuben’s 

Reuben’s has stood the test of time due to a long history steeped in the basis of superior quality, great service and generous portions. Considered by many as a cornerstone to Montreal’s diverse restaurant scene, Reuben’s is fast approaching its 40th year of operation with no signs of slowing down. When it comes to smoked meat at Reuben’s, tradition is respected, if not revered. The time-honoured art of hand carving is a mainstay here, a method employed since our very inception.

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