Deville Dinerbar™

Deep Fried Mac n’ Cheese Lasagna


1.5 sheets lasagna pasta
170g Deville’s famous sweet mac n’ cheese recipe
200g chorizo sausage (chopped)
90g portobello mushroom (sliced)
90g julienned red pepper
40g Gruyère cheese
30g Grano Padano cheese
40g Deville’s Disco Cheese Sauce
80g tomato sauce
Egg, flour and seasoned panko to make the battered crust

About Us

Deville Dinerbar is an act of love from three brothers lucky enough to go on long summer road trips in the States with Mom and Dad, stopping at diners along the way. Is Deville Dinerbar a classic diner then? No, it’s a supremely personal homage to the authentic American diners that we visited along the way. It is a tribute to diners cast in a whole new light, featuring diner-inspired cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, and executed with substance and style. We hope you experience the same magic that we did, those many years ago.

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